Ayurvedic Bodywork

This ancient holistic approach to bodywork aims to restore balance to the mind, body & spirit. Our ayurvedic practitioners customize your session to meet the needs of your own current state of balance and specific health goals.

Numerous benefits include stress and pain relief, nervous system balance, mind and body detoxification, and tissue rejuvenation.

Our Ayurvedic Bodywork Services



The Relaxation Massage

This classic Ayurvedic massage uses warm oil and long, soothing strokes to soothe, cleanse and revitalize the mind and body.  The light pressure benefits of abhyanga include: 

  • reduces adverse effects of stress

  • balances physical and energetic circulation

  • stimulates the lymphatic system, aiding in detoxification

  • assists in the elimination of impurities

  • grounds the nervous system and deeply nourishes the entire body

  • helps decrease sleep disturbances

Abhyanga treatments are great for all body types, and especially helpful for vata imbalance.

Read more about Abhyanga here.



Steam Therapy

This ancient steam treatment dislodges toxins from deep within the tissues while keeping your head and core cool. Benefits include:

  • reduces the feeling of heaviness and stiffness of the body

  • increases circulation and promotes the elimination of toxins through sweat

  • improves digestion 

  • rejuvenates energy

Swedena treatments counteracts the cold qualities and are especially helpful for vata and kapha imbalances. 

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Lymphatic Treatment Add-On

Garshana is a light rhythmic, dry massage of the skin with raw silk gloves that increases warmth, enhances circulation and gently exfoliates the skin, preparing the body to receive warm oil treatment.

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You can add this 15 minute add-on to any massage appointment once you have chosen your time slot in our online booking system.

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Sinus treatment

This treatment can create significant relief when nasal congestion, allergies, and sinus pressure are impacting your daily life. Starting with a vigorous head and neck massage, followed by herbal steam to open up the nasal passages, this treatment ends with the application of clearing herbal remedies and soothing oils into the nose.


60 min includes hand & foot massage, 90 min includes full body massage.


Nasya offers the greatest results when done in a series.



The Detox Massage

Vishesh is a warm oil massage that uses firm, rhythmic strokes to elongate contracted muscles, break up adhesions and restore circulation. This balancing traditional treatment stimulates and enliven, opening up nadis (energy channels) to restore balance. Benefits include:

  • reduces mental and physical stagnation

  • stimulates circulation and digestion

  • enhances the body's natural ability to heal

  • stress and anxiety reduction 

  • reduces chronic pain

  • assists in releasing deep impurities in the body

Vishesh treatments are especially helpful for kapha and pitta imbalances and to help reduce ama (toxins).

Read more about Vishesh here.



Mind Balancing Treatment

In this deeply relaxing treatment, a continuous stream of warm herbalized oil is poured on the forehead to bring balance to the nervous system. Benefits include:

  • counteracts the effects of stress by inducing a deep relaxation response in the body

  • reduces anxiety

  • awakens intuition and creativity

  • invokes mental clarity

  • improves quality of sleep

Shirodhara is balancing for all body types, and one of the most powerful treatments to relieve vata in the mind.


Grounding Ritual

Root Chakra Balancing Add-on

 Love up your nervous system with this deeply calming add-on. A combination of warm herbalized oils, Marma Chikitsa (Ayurvedic acupressure) tuning fork therapy and heat compresses are used to balance the root chakra leaving you feeling nourished and grounded. 

The Muladhara Body Oil used in this treatment is crafted by our practitioner, Marisa Hall of MJH Yoga + Ayurveda. 

You can add this 15 minute add-on to any massage appointment once you have chosen your time slot in our online booking system.


Foot Ritual

Soak & massage add-on

Add a little extra foot care to your next service! Begin your relaxation with an epsom salt and aromatherapy foot soak, followed by a balancing ayurvedic foot massage including the incredible Kansa foot wand treatment.

You can add this 15 minute add-on to any massage appointment once you have chosen your time slot in our online booking system.