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Ayurvedic Holistic Coaching

Guidance and support for your growth & inner development

Discover profound ways to unlock mental and emotional patterns that are holding you back, live to your fullest potential and embody the light that you are.

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About this work

connect to our own divine essence

Holistic Coaching is a form of Ayurvedic spiritual counseling that fosters transformational shifts through the power of consciousness. This way of heart-centered living teaches us how to access the infinite bliss and peace within our true self.  Always available to us, this inner light is often clouded by the egoic patterning of the mind, energetic body, and emotional blockages.


Health and lasting wellbeing are results of deeper healing and shifts in consciousness. Your coach is a guide that helps you find your way into your true self, leaving you with tools and resources for a thriving, bountiful life.

In coaching sessions, you will learn ways to gain deeper insights into your own life choices, build your intuition and release the old patterns that are holding you back.


You co-create this journey to your own goals, your own vision for your life.


This approach utilizes meditation, energy work, and education on life lessons in order to bring deep understanding and long-lasting positive shifts.

Want to know if holistic coaching is right for you? Contact Joanie with your questions.

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The challenges we are facing on a personal level reflect the lessons we are learning on a global level. Doing our inner work truly affects all beings and facilitates global healing.

Are you ready to grow?

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