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Ayurvedic Massage Training

The Basics of Abhyanga Massage

Join us for an immersion into Ayurvedic principles, learning hands-on techniques and receiving blissful touch.


Learn with us

Love, intention + connection - these are the cornerstones of traditional Ayurvedic therapies. If you have been craving an experience to refresh + enliven your massage practice, please join Joanie Begin-Morin and Marisa Hall of Blossom Wellness Center for an immersive 2 ½ -day journey into the essentials of Ayurvedic massage.


Learn simple, transformative techniques for holding space, channeling deep wisdom, and providing a customized, deeply restorative warm oil massage.

This Abhyanga 101 training caters to bodywork professionals and those with experience with touch therapies. Space is limited to 10 participants.


About this Abhyanga 101 training

You will learn:


  • Basics of Ayurvedic bodywork: holding space, working with doshas & seasonal protocols, trusting the healing process, understanding the sacred role of oil.

  • Using hot oils: pouring techniques for smooth & blissful application of hot oils, including our most trusted tips & methods.

  • Abhyanga strokes: a rhythmic, specific routine to balance the doshas, open energy channels, increase flow in the body and calm the mind.

  • A full body routine including specific techniques for head, face and abdominal massage



  • Thursday 11/2  and  Friday 11/3

    • 9am to 5pm: immersion into content & hands on practice on each other.

  • Saturday 11/4 *Optional*
    • 9am to 12pm: Clinic hours: bring a friend to work on and get some extra practice time, ask your questions, etc.



  • Cost for the whole training is $285. This includes:

    • All instruction, including the optional clinical hours on Saturday

    • All required equipment, oils, linen, etc

    • One oil bottle to take home to practice

This training caters to bodywork professionals and those with experience with touch therapies. Please let us know if you have any questions about eligibility.

Cancellation policy

Cancellations prior to October 27th will receive full refund. No refunds after October 27th. If you cannot attend due to illness or understandable circumstances, you will be able to use your credit towards other Blossom Wellness services.

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