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Welcome    to your community!



This Week's schedule


5:30 - 6:45 pm
Yoga Flow & Play
with Joanie


9 - 10:15 am
Gentle Morning Yoga
with Anjali

5:30 - 6:45 pm
Fiery Flow
with Laura


12 - 1 pm
Mindful Movement:
Gentle Yoga
with Lydia

5:30 - 6:45 pm
Vigorous Vinyasa
with Roxi

5:30 - 6:45 pm

with Tara


Special Pop-up
class (11/18)

For now, this is the Zoom link for Joanie's Monday hybrid class:

Always use this link, I will update it here if there are any changes:
Meeting ID: 839 7965 6644
Passcode: 860809

See you on the screen!!

Seasonal Restorative Yoga Workshop
with Anjali Budreski

Friday 5:30-7pm, $35 per person.

Register here.

Ecstatic Dance
with Joanie

Now every week!

Bi-weekly men's circling
with Casey

Friday 5:30-7pm, $35 per person.

Register here.

Awareness Super Power for Teens
with Amy LePage

Friday 5:30-7pm, $35 per person.

Register here.

Gentle Morning Yoga

Enjoy a sacred start to your day with a gentle and grounding yoga class.

We’ll begin with an inspirational theme or reflection then move into a well-rounded practice focused on breath, alignment, ease and self-compassion. You can expect to get a deep, luxurious stretch to all the major muscle groups + a slow flow, and we will integrate our practice with a restful guided relaxation. 


You can also expect: Beautiful curated playlists, healing hands-on assists (totally optional) and a focus on nourishing the nervous system. Please come as you are: Beginners and those new to yoga are most welcome! 

Mindful Movement: Gentle Yoga

Practice listening with curiosity and responding with care to what your body needs in each moment. In this slow and gentle practice of mindful movement and breath we release patterns of stress and tension, creating new pathways of calm and resilience.

Through a deep commitment to safe postural alignment and embodied awareness we build strength and flexibility of body and mind. Infused with poetry and inspired by the cycles of the seasons, this class invites you to align with the natural world and your own wild self.

Wholehearted Warrior pop-up class

A high-intensity, all levels primal flow, with bass-pumping music & black lights. This class incorporates grounding movements, plyometrics, deep core engagement, and a connective closing circle to open your wild heart and free your mind. Wear white or neon if you want your style to pop in the lights! 
*YES: you can use your class pass for pop-up classes like this one! 

Fiery Flow

This is a challenging vinyasa class where we will move through sequences holding the postures long enough to challenge the mind and teach ourselves to breathe through the sensations. We will build our inner heat and incorporate balancing postures as well as fun flows with music. All levels welcome.

Vigorous Vinyasa

Inspire transformation in this is a high-energy, asana inspired movement class. We will work with our natural ability to expand and grow. With sensitivity and awareness, we will recognize our edges and honor our desire to stay or push harder. Align your body, mind and heart as you connect with your deepest self. 

Yoga Flow & Play

Joanie's playful style brings join to the practice: open your heart, tune in and stay curious! An all-level flow, with optional challenges if you want them! Honor your own pace and modify as you wish, we don't take ourselves too seriously here!
Sweet and fun moderate Yoga flow with Joanie. All-levels welcome.

At-Home Retreats

Our at-home meditation retreats are the ultimate opportunity to experience deep rest, foster rejuvenation, and receive instruction in consciousness-based healing techniques.

We invite you to connect with our community of meditators and find the joy that comes in taking each step toward greater freedom.

Much like an in-person retreat, the program begins Friday evening and ends before lunch on Sunday, leaving you with extra time to relax and integrate. Our meditation sequences are punctuated with time for personal movement and stretching, breathwork and rest periods to give you the maximum integration benefits. 


To facilitate connection between participants and hold space for meaningful conversation, time is given in smaller groups over the weekend. Spacious meal breaks include time for walking and self-reflection. 


We encourage you to give yourself the gift of retreat as an opportunity to let go of your day-to-day responsibilities and relax. Many have found that this format truly facilitates deep connection, impactful healing and powerful transformation. 

Taught by Dr. Paul Dugliss and co-hosted by Joanie Bégin-Morin



Retreat schedule (Eastern Time): 

Friday: 7:00 PM — 9:00PM 

Saturday: 9:00 AM — 9:00PM

(with an hour and half breaks for lunch and dinner)

Sunday: 9:00 AM — 12:00 Noon



LOCATION: Online / At home.

(Please make sure you have a good Internet connection in a

private, quiet space, away from family and friends.)


*You must be trained in Heart-based Meditation Practitioners to attend.

Please attend only if you can make all three days and only if you can ease into and out of the weekend.

Contact Joanie with your questions and inquiries:


"Nothing accelerates inner growth like these retreats. The results are truly awe-inspiring. I invite you to give this gift of love to yourself for the benefit of all beings."

- Paul Dugliss,  Physician, Heart-based Meditation Teacher

Upcoming dates

April 22-24, 2022 or April 22-27, 2022 (Five-Day Option)

Theme: Maximizing Inner Growth and Development

May 20-22, 2022

Theme: Awe and Joy

June 24-26, 2022

Theme: The Essence of Love

July 22-24, 2022

Theme: Transforming the World, One Person at a Time

August 19 - 21 or 19 - 24, 2022 (Five-Day Option)

Theme: Uplifting Relationships

Sept. 9 - 11, 2022

Theme: The Power of Awe

October 14-16, 2022 

Theme: Appreciation and Gratitude

November 11-13, 2022

Theme: Radical Acceptance

December 9 - 11, 2022

Theme: Radical Joy

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