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Working with me

Discover your own path to heart-centered living, emotional health, physical wellbeing and spiritual connection.

I am here to support your inner growth and development


My approach

connect to our own divine essence

My work is to share practices and intuitive guidance that helps us all experience the true joy we came here to experience.  Working from intuition, I draw from different ayurvedic and spiritual practices to help you thrive and live a purposeful life. My goal is to assist in your healing and provide you with tools to cultivate your own emotional, energetic, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

You may be looking for:

  • clarity with certain aspects of your life

  • greater emotional freedom

  • letting go of tension and pain in your body

  • deeper inner peace

  • more bliss & joy in your daily life

  • release layers of ego-identification

  • greater intuition and connection to your guides

  • working through your fears

  • experience your true nature


Healing and growth comes from the inside out and manifests into all areas of your life. Tremendous change is possible as we transcend the mind and emotions and heal from the core of the issues we are experiencing.


My offerings are a combination of deep listening & guidance in the form of holistic coaching, hands-on therapies for energy clearing & physical health and meditation support to give your mind body system what it needs to thrive. 

My purpose is to support you in healing and clearing the path for tremendous experiences of harmony and love within your own self.

For more on this, read my letter at the bottom of this page.

How to get started

I work with individual and groups in different settings. Use the menu above to explore my retreat, workshop and class offerings. My one-on-one offerings are described below.


Holistic Healing Session

Each session is unique to meet your needs, starting with sharing your story and what you are working through. With deep intuition, I assist you in releasing blockages, creating new pathways and healing in consciousness. We work together to bring clarity, inner peace and bliss to your physical reality. Your session may include:

  • Guided release of blockages & working with light

  • Intuitive energy work & sound therapy

  • Marma therapy (ayurvedic acupressure)

  • Essential oils & crystals

These sessions are a combination of Holistic Coaching and table work to help you release and bring in more light. Massage work may be incorporated if needed.

To book this: select the Wellness Services tab and select Holistic healing session with Joanie.

Holistic Spiritual Coaching

Embark on a journey with me and discover what is possible when you truly commit to your soul's path. This spiritual approach to coaching is designed to support your heart's vision & goals and connect you with your true essence. Releasing mental, emotional, energetic and karmic blocks that are holding you back, you learn to create more space for Love, bliss, joy and peace in every moment.

Generally in a 3 to 6 month format, our ongoing sessions will help you grow in consciousness and integrate deep experiences into the awareness of your every day life.

Contact me to talk about how this work can support you, or read more by clicking here:

_AEJ5770 Web.jpg

Intuitive Bodywork


Drawing on my knowledge of Ayurvedic bodywork and musculoskeletal/soft tissue work, I incorporate different therapies to help release tension and heal your body.

  • Ayurvedic oils & massage techniques

  • Therapeutic/deep tissue work

  • Intuitive energy work

  • Marma therapy

  • Aromatherapy

If you would like to book a specific ayurvedic treatment (Swedena, Shirodhara, Nasya, etc), please contact me directly, or add the name of the treatment to your notes if it's been pre-approved!

To book this: select the Bodywork Services tab and scroll down to: Intuitive Bodywork session with Joanie.

What would it be like to live fully from the heart, at all times?

To be guided by our clear intuition and see the power of intention in action. To be fully connected with our support system, our guides and angels, all elemental beings coming in to help us move through this life, heal and clear our karma. We are meant to enjoy this life, the era of learning through suffering is over. We can choose to learn and evolve through bliss and expanding consciousness.

As we heal ourselves, we help heal the collective consciousness. As I help you heal, I help the world heal. It is an honor to be a part of this great shift, and to share what I can in supporting my fellow humans in whatever way that feels aligned. We need this, we really do! 

It is a true honor.

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