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Integrative Massage

This holistic approach to bodywork combines a variety of modalities to meet the needs of each individual.

Our talented practitioners specialize in a variety of therapies including energy work, cupping, hot stones, ayurvedic techniques and myofascial release. Learn more about each of their unique approaches here.

All prices are listed on our booking page.


Summer Soother Special

Cooling & soothing therapy

If the hot and humid summer weather has you feeling sharp & spicy, a coconut oil-laden treatment is your ticket to paradise!


Come soften the edges & create more space for summer lovin'! Your Summer Soother massage treatment will include a full-body relaxation massage with MJH Pitta-Balancing Body Oil, a soothing coconut oil hair + scalp treatment, calming face treatment featuring MJH Meadow Walk Facial Serum and cold stones, and more.


This limited-time treatment will help you welcome in more ease & say goodbye to stress!


75min // $120

90min // $135

120min // $170


Deep Therapeutic Massage


This therapeutic treatment uses specific strokes that target deeper layers of soft tissue, tendons and fascia, facilitating healing and pain relief in the musculoskeletal system. Deep tissue techniques are used as an effective treatment for chronic muscle tension and injuries, increasing range of motion and can greatly help recover from certain surgeries.

person on massage table

Relaxation Massage

Calm your mind and body with this holistic treatment. Swedish massage techniques are combined with warm oils and aromatherapy to effectively balance your nervous system, relieving stress and its related symptoms. This full body massage helps improve circulation, facilitate tissue rejuvenation, reduce swelling, release toxins and relieve muscular pain.

Kansa on foot

Foot Ritual

Add a little extra foot care to your next service! Begin your relaxation with an epsom salt and aromatherapy foot soak, followed by a balancing ayurvedic foot massage including the incredible Kansa foot wand treatment.

You can add this 10 minute add-on to any massage appointment once you have chosen your time slot in our online booking system.

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Therapeutic Massage

The intuitive path to your holistic well-being.

Your practitioner builds a custom treatment to best meet your wellness goals. Needing some stress relief, pain reduction, mind/body integration, or injury recovery? We can help you.

Each massage therapist bring in their own approach and specialty techniques such as Deep Tissue, Ayurvedic modatilites, Myofascial Release, Energy Work, and more.

Learn more about each of us here.


Myofascial Release

This type of bodywork involves hands-on gentle, sustained pressure into the myofascial connective tissue restrictions to restore easeful motion and alleviate pain. The fascia network connects the skin to underlying tissues along with connecting all body cells including inside our bones!


On a cellular level, MFR opens, harmonizes and catalyzes the movement of these cells for improved resonance and holistic body functioning.  This style of Myofascial Release can help ease physical tension, anxiety and improve sleep functioning.

This treatment is available with Sierra, who is also a physical therapist and specializes in injury recovery and pain relief. Learn more about Sierra here.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage


Smooth stones are used for the ultimate in relaxation and pain relief. As the heat penetrates the soft tissues, a deeper release is possible.

This treatment helps relieve tension, eases muscle stiffness, and increases circulation.  Hot stone therapy promotes healing by targeting the deeper layers of muscle through the use of heated stones.

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